What is Emergency Medicine?

Emergency Medicine is something that everyone has heard of, and maybe even experienced, whether they know it or not. The entire idea of emergency medicine is targeted at patients who need immediate assistance rather than a hospital bed or scheduled treatment. The assistance provided is usually short-term and taken care of by an expert who was specifically trained to deal with emergency management.

An emergency medicine physician can usually be found in a hospital emergency room, but sometimes is involved in the emergency medicinepre-hospital setting along with paramedics. One of their main jobs revolves around stabilization and diagnosis. Using patient history along with the information provided right in front of them these physicians are required to think quick and find solutions to dire problems. A few specific problems that are seen in emergency rooms are often related to trauma, cardiac support, and poisoning.

What makes emergency medicine physicians so different from other types of doctors is that they are required to know parts of all the fields of medicine. This is because emergencies can come in all forms. It may be easy to forget, but the variety of cases seen in an emergency room is very large. These physicians must know how to treat heart attacks, suicide attempts, and even bad nose bleeds. They are also required to know how to deliver a baby and how to place chest tubes into a patient in case certain situations present themselves. Depending on the specific hospital and times an emergency physician may work eight, ten, or twelve hour shifts.

There are also emergency room nurses who have a very important task. It is their job to prioritize patients depending on their injuries and needs. This is vital to the entire flow of an emergency room because the nurse keeps everything flowing and running quickly, without this there would be chaos and certain patients may not be helped in time.

These doctors and nurses work together in order to help everyone that is admitted. It is their job to rule out possible scenarios until they find a quick solution to each patient’s problems. In an average year it has been reported that over 120 million visits are made to an emergency room. Each one of these cases can severely differ from the next. That is why it is so important for emergency medicine to be handled by experienced professionals who know and have trained under various fields of medicine.